Monday, June 16, 2008

home sweet home

Whoo what a weekend! I suddenly had a group of friends descend on me, some were alum, some were grad students, and the rest were undergrad. We did the usual of going to movies, hitting up favorite restaurants, and chilling at each others' places. Good times, I miss them already.

Sometime during their visit, it made me wonder just why do people come back to C'ville (Charlottesville) after graduation. It's an unprepossing college town, full of character and history, but definitely not the same as a huge city. Yet time and time again, I would be walking around on Grounds and bump into someone who's already working in another state. Fond memories? Friends and significant others still here? Maybe. It's odd, but even my friends who graduated two years ago mention that C'ville has a special draw of some type. People just keep coming back.

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