Tuesday, June 17, 2008

the good ole song of wa..hoo..wa

I was walking past old dorms today with my tour group when an alum brought up the good ole song. Of course, once it's been brought up, I had to give an impromptu performance. Thank goodness I pulled it off, haha. I hadn't thought I'd sing our school song during the summertime, it was a nice touch that capped off a really wonderful tour (great people, asked lots of questions). It's an amazing feeling to put your arms around the shoulders of the people next to you during football games and sing our song whenever we make a touchdown. At that moment, everyone in the stands of Scott Stadium (alumni as well) are singing the same words, and we all yell the same cheer at the end. It always gives me the shivers, and I'm so proud to be a part of the UVA community whenever that happens.

One of my favorite memories is during first year orientation - we were sitting the Old Cabell auditorium when all of a sudden, someone's cell phone rang. The ring tone was the good ole song. The orientation leader with that phone promptly stood up and started singing along and walked down towards the stage. All of a sudden, people (other orientation leaders) started rushing in from all parts of the auditorium and sang together on the stage. That was such a funny introduction to UVA (and hopefully I didn't spoil too much stuff for you guys!).

Another interesting encounter with the good ole song was with a friend's bottle opener, of all things. His bottle opener would play the good ole song whenever a bottle was opened. I think he got it from the bookstore... I'm not quite sure. Unfortunately, that rendition quickly got really annoying as around 20 bottles were opened over the course of the night. *facepalm*

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Dana Lillard said...

Last Year when i had season tickets but was not yet an admitted student, i still got the shivers standing there in the stands watching the WHOLE STADIUM sing the very same thing all with overwhelming UVA pride!