Thursday, October 23, 2008

that's a good way to get out of answering a question..

I'm currently sitting in our stock markets lab waiting for class to start. It's actually quite depressing to be in our computer labs these days. In two of the comm school labs, there are stock tickers on one wall and right below the ceiling. As I look up, every single one of them is red. There's literally not a single green stock (indicating stock prices rose). I read on Tuesday in the Cav Daily that there's some talk of reviving an economic stimulus package, hopefully something like that happens soon.

I personally really like all my professors this semester. One in particular, my finance professor, is quite a funny guy. He has quite a dry sense of humor. I'm finally on the tail end of recovering from my sickness, it's just down to coughing a lung out every five minutes now. So while we were sitting in class yesterday, he asked a question. I had something thought out in my head and answered it, and then proceeded to start coughing. Unfortunately, he had a second part to the question that he asked after my response. As my body started revving up for a good cough, he paused and said "Now that's a good way to get out of answering a question... would anyone like to help her out here?" Just thought I'd share.

And my classmate next to me has just added me on Facebook while we've been waiting for roll call. Hahaha.