Wednesday, October 15, 2008

it's a beautiful fall day...

Yet a sad day for me as today marks the end of our long weekend AKA fall break. I had the delight of having all my midterms beforehand, so I was actually able to enjoy fall break, spend time with friends, boyfriend, and go to Busch Gardens for a day.

Trip to Busch Gardens was absolutely fantastic. The park was decked out for Halloween and after dark there were special effects all over the place. Mist, eerie lighting, random screams and monster noises, staff dressed up as witches and werewolves... I didn't know whether to laugh or inch away in horror when a witch materialized next to me and my friends and asked us where we wanted to go when we were peering at the map in the darkness. I did manage to go on alllll the roller coaster rides except the Griffon. I still can't do straight down drops. =( My new favorite thing to do is roller coasters at night, it's surprisingly less scary and a lot more fun.

And I do apologize but I have to jet again, I have an office visit tomorrow and some reading to do before that. Work never stops in the Commerce school... I'm actually slightly ready for this semester to be over just because of the sheer workload, but more of my life later.