Friday, August 7, 2009

this is such a bad year...

for my glasses. I came back to school after winter break with three pairs. That should be enough to last me a year, right? Unfortunately, looks like I'm a lot clumsier than I thought. In the course of eight months, I've had a sorority sister step on a pair, smashed my laptop onto another pair when it slid off my bed, and then stepped on my last pair two nights ago. Oh. my. gosh. T_T

And to top it off, my laptop monitor flickered, and then died last night. At least this is all happening before school starts. Sigh. I'm swinging by BestBuy on the way home from work to see if there's any hope, but I'll probably have to end up buying a new laptop. I've used HP all my life and want to switch to a new laptop, any recommendations? I want a widescreen 12"-14", preferably LED screen, 2GB+ RAM, 250GB+ HD, discrete graphics card, three USB ports, and hopefully SATA (didn't think I'd ever need it, but boy it saved my life when my external HD died last summer. Yeah. My MyBook somehow got corrupted and almost took five years worth of pictures with it. Scary...). I really want to stay below $1000, but my list of qualifications may make that extremely difficult.

Morale of my post for those of you going to college (and hopefully going to UVA!), make sure you're current on all prescriptions and eyewear, and bring an extra two pairs just in case. As for laptops, Cavalier Computers offers a pretty good deal in which they offer to fix all problems with your laptop in your college tenure if you buy from them (quality of service however... I have heard some complaints from friends). You don't necessarily need the latest and flashiest, just something functional. Now is a good time to buy, when there are so many good laptops for $700.

Excited about college? It's full throttle ahead in three weeks!