Tuesday, October 21, 2008

oh that scary therapy..

Today I went into Banana Republic fully intending to return a few items. An hour later I walked out with another bulging bag after a mini retail therapy session.

Why is it that people turn to retail therapy, eating comfort food, or doing things that are bad for us when we're stressed? Once we realize what we've done, we become even more stressed when we berate ourselves. If I was a psych major, this would be a good topic for a paper.

As I'm not a psych major, I'll have to shrug and avoid glancing at my receipt, hehe. But beware of other trap -- eBay (or evilBay as I call it). It seems that a lot of people fall victim to purchasing a lot of random things off eBay or other sites their first year. Again, good topic for psych paper. Relishing freedom from parents and seeking to exercise financial control over our lives? Or for the first time we don't have to explain our purchases to someone so we can go nuts with what we like? Or maybe it's another coping mechanism for being thrown in a new environment? Any thoughts from you guys? Just be careful and don't get too trigger happy with the mouse! Try to shock yourself into some sense by glancing at your online bank statement everyday (that works too well sometimes, especially after I buy textbooks, hahaha).