Saturday, June 27, 2009

current location: northern virginia

Ah, gotta love northern Virginia. I came home yesterday evening, and promptly met up with some fellow officers (of a peer mentoring group I'm chair of) for dinner at Tyson's corner and late night showing of... Transformers!

My group received this movie with some mixed feelings. My friends didn't think it was that great, especially the plot. I guess I was too taken in by the money shots (all those explosions? Epic.), but I really really liked it. Maybe even better than the first one. Hmm. I really liked the scene in which the Nest soldiers were defending the Autobots - "we shed blood, sweat, and precious metal together!" I'll admit to being annoyed in some parts, especially when the Fallen started tearing the Great Pyramid to pieces. I really like the Great Pyramids alright? How dare you just tear it to pieces like that?? Serves you right when you got your core torn out. Pbthhh!

I'm planning a chill and grill event at my house on Tuesday, my parents recently got patio furniture and I have a slightly dated home karaoke machine to boot. Can't wait! And then it's off to New York to visit some relatives and partake in fourth of July fesitivities. Woot!