Thursday, January 29, 2009

no really?

In my last post wrapping up the 'Greek saga', I'd like to speak a little on how I have two midterms on the week sorority recruitment ended. 

Am I complaining? Oh yes. I'm really annoyed that I have two midterms after two weeks of classes (four in the month of Feb. Grrreat.) Not that I think I should receive special consideration for being Greek -- the professors at UVA certainly don't give you special consideration regardless of any special status. This is certainly fair treatment, and I heartily approve that even athletes have to go through the same curriculum as non athletes do. But here I question the wisdom of having a midterm on essentially one week worth of material, especially as guys' rush is going on and I'm pretty sure none of the guys in my class have had time to study yet. This isn't really an accurate evaluation of what we've learned then.

But what the hey. My statements are somewhat contradictory, and I should just suck it up. After all, only 30% of the student population is Greek.

As per my question in the last post of girls dropping out, the answer hit me like an anvil on the head. I can't believe I hadn't thought of this before, especially considering I'm in the comm school. The economy, duh. Every where I turn it's always dire news of the economy, and there I was musing about why girls were dropping out of recruitment? I'll blame it on my body's attempt to fight off sickness -- at least half the students in my block have some form of pneumonia (I probably exaggerate a bit too much here), and the other half coughs up a lung every day in class. Not a good time to visit UVA, too much sickness going around. =(