Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Study Distractions

It is funny how during finals is when I find the best youtube videos and the funniest websites. Last year, I introduced you to sporcle. Well, this year, I bring you Damnyouautocrrect.com and quickmeme.com.

The first one makes me belly-laugh. There aren't that many funny things in the world that make me belly-laugh (sadly). The Greeks had a word for laughter of other people's misfortunes. (I don't remember what it is and I don't think it was sadism.) Anyway, that stuff gets me. It is Quiet Hours and I, being a RA, keep my door open even during finals time. Yet, it's often that I'm snorting in my room because of the hilarious misunderstandings.

The second one uses a part of my brain that isn't fried from all of this essay writing. It's creative, it's hilarious, and it keeps me sane. 'nuff said.