Thursday, August 14, 2008

go USA!!!

(Pardon, those of you visiting from other countries...) but it's hard not to get pumped up about your country during the Olympics! I just watched Michael Phelps beat his own world record in the 200m individual medley, and Lochte get a bronze after winning a personal gold 26 minutes ago! Phelps is up for the 100m fly final in 26 minutes, hope he gets another gold! Also up is women's gymnastics final in 20 minutes, I'm definitely dashing off the to TV at that time as well.

When I was watching the coverage, I suddenly wondered if we have ever had any UVa alums on national teams. Our swimming is pretty darned awesome as well, the men's especially dominating in the last year.

Ah, finals and thus TV call.

PS. What teams are you guys all supporting?