Sunday, July 5, 2009

previous location: new jersey/new york

Just came back to NOVA yesterday from New Jersey/New York (was visiting relatives). It's nice that it's a doable 3.5 hour drive from NOVA to Jersey, I'll definitely be up to visit the City more often.

I spent a total of four days in Jersey, with frequent excursions to the City. My relatives took me to Flushing at one point to experience really authentic Taiwanese bubble tea and hot pot. Mmm, pure deliciousness. Nothing like that to be found around C'ville, unfortunately.

Tromped all over Manhatten, checking out Brooklyn Bridge and other must see sights. The highlight of those excursions though was definitely watching "Avenue Q" on Broadway. This was the first time I've ever seen a Broadway show use puppets! It was a really great production, and the lyrics especially clever. They also combined use of TV screens to add to the experience. For all my love of classical productions, I was really surprised by this one and hugely enjoyed it.

I attended a fourth of July cookout (happy fourth everyone!) that reminded me of an organization at UVA that does similar events. For all international students reading this, the International Students Institute hosts a lot of events for students from overseas, or those who'd just like to meet more people. They have friendship nights - in which a church group sponsor supplies a great spread, and many international students gather to meet each other and for a night of festivities. I remember them hosting trips to DC, horseback riding, and rafting on the river as well. Definitely an organization worth checking out.