Thursday, June 12, 2008

we're a happy family..

Your favorite semi loony person again! I randomly flipped through a Barney episode yesterday on TV, and yup, they were singing that 'I love you.. you love me' song. So other than the fact that I have no idea why I loved that show so much when I was small, for some reason, that also made me think of the love I've experienced since coming to UVA. People in the Charlottesville community are all really nice. Case in point: I had walked to the Kroger at Barracks Road because I wanted to save some gas (gas prices are ridiculous..) and decided I would.. probably hate myself on the walk back. I'd grabbed juices and cans and frozen meats.. the whole nine yards. So while perusing the juice section, I met a random lady and we bonded over the lack of produce in her desired shelf. Somehow the conversation turned to transportation and I mentioned my lack of. Immediately, she offered me a ride home.

Now, if this was New York I probably would have ran away while dialing 911. But this being Charlottesville.. I took her up on the offer. The surrounding community at UVA is really nice and the people are so warm and welcoming. It's not uncommon to walk down the street and smile at a stranger, and have them say good morning in response. People are patient and take the time to point you in the right way, cars stop for pedestrians even if they're five feet away from the crosswalk. It's quite amazing really. Charlottesville has also been voted the 'best city to live in' for a couple years in a row now. It's a well deserved title in my opinion.

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