Saturday, February 7, 2009

taking the friday off..

As I don't have classes on Friday, I took my boyfriend up on his offer to accompany up on a trip to DC to attend a car show. 

It was the first car show I'd ever attended, so I was pretty excited. There was definitely a lot of cars at the show (well, duh), and this is definitely one of the posts that I'll be updating with pictures, lots and lots of them. I saw a couple cars I'd like, and of course they all started at $50k. =P I did like the third generation Prius, it looks better than the old ones. GM.. mehh.. big trucks still. I found it funny that all the companies needing a bail out were on the second floor, and all the healthy carmakers were on the main, import car level. Hrm... but enough business, back to the cars. Almost every maker had a hybrid, electric car, or even a compressed hydrogen tank. Mustang had an exhibit of their car hoods through the ages -- I'm definitely uploading that picture. Volkswagon's exhibit was very impressive, I've got a hankering for an Audi now..

And alright, I am such a college student. An unexpected perk of the car show was the freebies. I liked the Toyota totes, Saab keychains, and iPod/camera socks that were handed out. There was also a massive "Dancing for Toyotas" stage, and the theme of the night was men's swinging. Too bad I couldn't persuade my boyfriend and his friend to get on stage and dance for a Toyota... haha.

Although I like cities for their convenience, for some reason DC feels so.. unfriendly. Maybe it's because I was there when everyone was getting off work, but it was so quiet and just gave me an unfriendly feeling. *shrug*