Monday, January 26, 2009

bid day!

Woooh! And my sorority has 39 wonderful new pledges! Here's a brief rundown of what I did today -- probably what most sorority girls do on bid day.

After getting out of class and not realizing my friend couldn't make it to lunch until I was looking for her at the Pav.. haha silly me, I went back to the sorority house (those of you joining us for the first time, I live there) and ate lunch there. We had a running white board of the girls that called and accepted their bids, and would cheer madly every time the sister who picked up the phone called the new pledge's name out. My heart was in my throat for a while, until some girls I absolutely loved called to accept their bids. I'll admit, I skipped out on most of the decorating of the house that went on during this time and caught up on officer duties, schoolwork, and tried to do some of a take home exam. 

We went to pick up the girls at 5:30 pm, cheering and yelling all the way. Earlier in the day, some guys were hiding on Beta Bridge, water balloons in hand ready to throw them at the new pledges of sororities that passed Beta Bridge. Alright, seriously boys? I understand that boys like to make fun of sorority rush, but throwing a water balloon at someone on a day when it'd been snowing is beyond mean. It's really stupid, and lame. Apparently quite a few girls from other sororities were hit too -- what if they get sick and got pneumonia or something like that? Honestly. When one of my sisters heard that this was going on though, she promptly stormed yet to yell at them. It was really funny actually, she stomped out in a huge fury, ready to take on the world. After we got the girls, we brought them back to the house for presents, dinner, pictures, and an impromptu dance party/karaoke. The theme for the night and our bid day nights was Club [my sorority's name]. 

I left bid day a bit early to go to the last half of the first Virginia Women's Chorus practice. We're preparing for concerts in the National Cathedral this semester! I'm really excited about that. =D