Wednesday, April 8, 2009

that class is full?! say it's not so!

That's what I'm deducing from the gasps of horror around me in the computer lab (where I have been for the last four hours, being consumed by the quantative analysis monster! Memo due tomorrow, and a couple of my data point forecasts are wrong. Sigh. My group member to the rescue! She's checking my work right now). It's class registration time at UVa, aka major stress time.

This major stress can come in several ways. 1) You have no idea what you want to major in so choosing classes feels like a herd of fire ants coming your way. 2) You have too many classes you want to take so you feel like a kid in a combined candy, chocolate, toy, and [pick your favorite thing] shop. 3) You don't want to take anything and just want to bum out. Mm, you'll have some trouble finding those classes. Or the most common, 4) The class you REALLY wanted to take is full. Or the type to induce screaming, 5) the class you need to graduate is full. @#%*!#(!!!

1) Pick anything that sounds interesting, that's what I did and how I eventually ended up at the comm school.
2) Hehehehe, I feel that way all the time. That just comes down to a matter of personal choice -- is your favorite subject really worth a three hour evening class on Mondays and Wednesdays? Or would you rather take your second favorite subject with your friends?
3) I'll admit, UVa has its share of easy A classes like any other school. However, none of them exist in the upper hundred levels. Imagine how impressed employers will be when they read you've only take Intro to Basketweaving, Intermediate Basketweaving, and Advanced Basketweaving during your college career.
4) Ah, pity. Unless a spot frees up, you'll have to wait for your chance to do that to someone else next year.
5) This takes a combination of emailing the professor, putting yourself on a waitlist, threatening someone already in it, and bawling your eyes out. Haha no really, only the first two are applicable. Usually if you show up on the first day of class and explain your situation, the professor will let you in unless he's got so many students that they're already hanging from the ceiling.

Alright, as much work and grief the McIntire school of Commerce has given me this year, there is one thing that I do appreciate. I don't have to endure the glares from upperclassmen as I've had before due to my insanely early registration time as an Echols scholar. Fourth years don't like it that first years are registering before them? I wonder why.. hehehe. =P In the comm school you pretty much get to take whatever you need to take, so it's not a huge problem.