Thursday, August 20, 2009

life can't possibly get anymore hectic than this. @_@

Apologies for the lateness of my update. Since I last posted, my internship's finished, I've gone up to NOVA for a few days, gone back down to C'ville to move into my sorority house, and will be headed to University of Richmond for a sorority retreat, and have been dealing with various extracurricular committments out of the wazhoo since then.

This summer flew by, it seriously, seriously did. People say that time passes by faster the older you get, and you know what? I definitely agree with them now. At the beginning of this summer I thought there would be all the time in the world to savor my last free summer, but whoosh! It's gone by like smoke.

I'm gearing up for my fourth and final year (of which I'm terrified about because I really don't want to graduate), and I bet I'll be approaching a lot of events with wistfulness and nostalgia. Everytime something happens, it'll be the "last time" I'm doing something like this. Moved in for the last time. Witnessed first years at orientation for the last time. Looked at buildings being constructed that I'll never get the chance to use. Ah, good ole TJ's University. It's treated me well.

For those of you entering your senior year in high school, I hope you embrace it and live it to the fullest. (I also hope you've started your applications already! And certainly those essays, you'll need to spend quite an amount of time on those.) I'll offer some application advice later if anyone's interested (and feel free to shoot me a question in the comments area), but at the risk of sounding like an old geezer, I wish I was in your shoes. =)