Thursday, September 2, 2010

5/8 semester

My schedule is finalized. I've decided that the best way not to get annoyed with SIS is to plan everything far in advance so that you have only minimal contact with the hideous beast that is SIS. (On a side note, I heard a first year called it S.I.S., which technically is its name but no one says the letters S.I.S. Anyway, I thought it was adorable and I beamed a smile at the poor 17-year-old redhead. Yes, I am now a third-year so I can officially creep on the young ones.)

Therefore I am taking all the classes that I desired. Although I had to drop my art-class-of-the-semester, I decided to opt instead for an interdisciplinary class taught by a Darden Professor, Gregory Fairchild. Googling his name reveals a plethora of news articles singing praise, videos about "Gregory Fairchild on Business Ethnics" or "Gregory Fairchild on Entrepreneurial Research," and still shots of this man in action in the classroom. Obviously he is a celebrity, a demigod, a super being descended upon us little undergraduates to bestow his wisdom. Because of the fact that he cold calls, uses cases in class so that I HAVE to do the reading beforehand, and split the class into teams each headed by a MBA candidate in a cold competition of wits and advertising campaigns, I am impressed by his ability to keep me in his class--- AND drop an art class to stay in.

My other classes are also seminars--- loads of reading. Ah wells.

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