Sunday, August 15, 2010

Back to School

Guess where I am. Yes, I'm in Charlottesville, which shouldn't be much of a surprise to those of you who followed my overwhelming two posts over the summer (gome! sorry in Japanese!). However the excitement factor comes in because I am in my dorm!

RAs and "alternates" (They are people who had the potential to become RAs but couldn't because there were no space-- they are on a waitlist.) come back a week early and participate in grueling training called O-Week to be the great, supportive team for you when you arrive on Grounds. I'm really excited for this year's staff, because we have a fantastic mix of new, inquisitive RAs who bring a lot of energy and experienced, talented returning RAs. We also have great "kisma," which is my combination word of "charisma" (meaning compelling charm that can inspire devotion in others) and "kismet" (meaning fate or destiny). You can guess what it means. ;)

Already we have hilarious inside jokes and quotes. My favorite ones are:
  • "Hey, so because I'm new in this area, are there any great eating places around here? Y'know, like 7-11?"
  • "JESSIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" *shakes banana in the air like Stephen Colbert talking about his arch nemesis, Rain*
  • Y: "Wait, so why did you stroke my knee?"; V: "Because it was shiiiiiiny."
If these aren't funny to you, then it's not because I'm not funny. I'm sorry to say, but inside jokes aren't meant to be funny for people who don't know the inside joke.

Along with that quip, I am going to leave you with this clip, which gives you a taste of how I get pumped for O-Week:

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