Sunday, February 7, 2010

Superbowl Madness

Ah, I know it's another year when the internationals eagerly await their first experience of the great American tradition: the Superbowl. (Point and case proven from an excerpt of an email sent to a listserv: "Come out and watch this amazing game and cultural event.") This experience can vary from watching the game to watching the commercials to eating the food to all of the above. An exchange student told me from Singapore that more than watching the game, he's going to be "watching Americans watch American football." Although I am not an international, I had my first Superbowl experience as a first year. Ah, good times. Extremely confused by the maneuvers of large 200 lb men clad in skin-tight spandex, I spent a good time chowing on the free grub and cheering on my friend as he chugged a two-liter bottle of coke. I think he left to pee at a crucial moment. Yes, good times.

Our residential college ordered 300 wings and 20 boxes of pizza. Not extremely healthy, but necessary to bring the hordes of people into one room with a flatscreen TV. Who are the Colts and Saints? People, I know my stuff. Thanks to an American football fanatic, I know about the fantastic match-up between the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orlean Saints. More importantly, I know that the halftime show is performed by The Whos and that a thirty-second ad costs about $2.6 million. Dang!

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