Tuesday, February 16, 2010

rotunda dinners

One of the things that I love is Rotunda dinners! The Rotunda, as well as fulfilling its original function as a library and its modern function as a tourist landmark, serves as a facility for dinners and receptions. Tonight, our residential college hosted a Valentines-themed dinner at the Rotunda. We were almost high schoolers again, giddy with the anticipation of dressing up and going to a nice dinner. I snagged one of my friends on the way to leaving and convinced them to trade their jeans and snow boots for a sleeveless, black dress. It's the Rotunda, for heaven's sake! Although the dress code is "business casual" (such a vague term), why not go all out? These dinners are usually catered and involve salad, bread, a main course, coffee and dessert. It was fabulous. If possible, I definitely recommend attending a Rotunda dinner.

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