Tuesday, May 26, 2009

woof woof!

I'm currently crashing at my friend's place before my lease begins at another friend's place. A mutual friend has been here for most of the time I've been here, and her dog is here as well. So there's two crazy pooches running around that my friends dissolve into big baby voices whenever they see the canines. Not a dog person myself, I don't understand it. One of them is a pit bull, and the other is.. a.. Jack Russell (?). 

Before anyone gets excited though, students aren't allowed to have pets in dorms. We're only allowed to have non lethal fish (so for all you piranha lovers.. got to leave them at home). If you can't live without your dog or cat, you'll have to live off Grounds. Bear in mind you'll also have to pay an extra pet fee each month for your apartment. My friend lives off Grounds, in a beautifully decorated apartment. I really like living here, and will love my next place as well as my other friend has been so kind to leave me a 47 inch flat screen TV in his room. Whee! =D

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