Sunday, May 10, 2009

so.. about them finals.

Finals, such an exciting topic to talk about. They're all pretty much the same so I'll spare you the gory details, other than my accounting professor out to get us on our final, and my comm school final was weird. One of the essay topics was to write an abstract for the class. Really now?

One thing that I forgot to go to, that I'm still kicking myself a bit for, is a midnight impromptu rave at Clemons' library. Every finals period, a MASSIVE facebook event goes out to the student body calling everyone to come to Clemons' library at midnight on Sunday for some stress relieving. Picture about a thousand students dancing to music, and possibly throwing and shredding notes for those who're done with that particular subject. I was going to go, but completely forgot about it. Grrrr!

Look forward to more updates, but first I've got to go and look at cars. I'm getting a car this week. Woot! I'm leaning towards a Toyota myself, or possibly a Honda. Any suggestions from you guys?

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