Sunday, May 10, 2009

my thoughts on the new Star Trek movie..

So what does a girl do when her finals are over? Other than make a half hearted attempt to pick up her room... she goes up to Northern Virginia to watch the new Star Trek movie of course! =D Teehee, I am one of the biggest Trekkies out there. I think my friend's jaw almost fell to the floor in surprise when he muttered "the starship Enterprise..." and I replied with "NCC 1701-D" once. I got the midnight showing at Fairfax corner, and here are my humble thoughts.

I have to say, it's not Star Trek to me, but it was a most excellent movie. It's not Star Trek in the sense that there's always a certain feel in Star Trek movie and episodes - darker, more.. weighty in terms of the moral and scientific matters they deal with. Of course, part of the feeling of Star Trek comes from more dated technology and special effects, but I felt that this movie was a cross between Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes and Battlestar Galactica. All the brightness! The fancy schmany technology. And horror of horrors, that awful beaming effect! I hate all the swirls of lights, the TNG version with the shimmering out was so much better. Call me a traditionalist but I was horrified by the light up toy that the Enterprise was. (But I still clapped along with everyone else when its first view was shown. Oh, and that battle scene in which Kirk's father sacrificed himself? Truly amazing, and I do admit to having a few tears in my eyes when he died).  

However, despite boos from this particular fan, it was still such a great movie. I loved seeing all the main characters when they were cadets (although Ahura's got to explain how she got such a big 'fro later on), and the actor who played Spock stole the movie for me. Kirk was meh, alright, but Spock was awesome. That scene when all the Vulcan children were being tested? Oh my goodness, I'd rewatch it just to witness that again. I really enjoyed watching Kirk beating the Kobayashi Maru test though. "Three Klingon warbirds decloaking.. what should we do?" "Oh really, well nothing!" Kirk pulls out an apple and eats it.. hahaha.  

I agree with so many fans that decried the breaking of continuity. But from that, it's obvious that they're restarting the franchise, and thus I can't hate the movie too much for doing that. I'd throw both hands up in support for anything that restarts Star Trek. TNG was my favorite out of all of them, but it's been much too long since it ended. However, other than resettling the Vulcans, what else can be in the new storyline? I await with baited breath. :D (And alright, it's a good thing that Vulcans are supposed to have a tight lid on their emotions, otherwise I'd be so severely depressed if my race just went from 6 BILLION to 10 THOUSAND. Goodness.)

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