Saturday, May 16, 2009

it's time to leave...

Tomorrow morning at the Rotunda, 1/4 of the University's student population will bid farewell to these hallowed grounds and set out into the real world.

It's graduation time.

The chairs have been set up all over Grounds (and I suspect tents too, given the torrential downpour occuring), graduation parties are on going at various apartments and at Alumni Hall (I have to say, the fraternity across the street is taking the graduation party a bit far. I'm really annoyed at the fourth hour in a row of screaming metal music. They are our lovely neighbors and all, but please they need better music taste), tickets have been handed out, pretty much all is in readiness -- are the graduates ready? Who knows? 

For me, my feelings at the end of this year are those of relief, sadness, and eagerness. Relief that I'm not the one graduating and my rather hellish first year of comm school is over, sadness that my fourth year friends and sisters are graduating and that I didn't have more time to spend with them, and eagerness for the summer and year ahead. I suspect that college graduation will be a much more emotional time for me than high school graduation. So many memories, so many close friendships, somehow high school seems like a distant memory right now.

Right now, I hope that traffic won't be too horrible tomorrow and that it's raining rather than sweltering heat. I might change my mind next year, but I'd take slushy mud over people fainting left and right in the sun.

Speaking of graduation. I'm in complete denial that I'm a fourth year now. What? What's that you say? I'm definitely a third year still. Nope, I'm not in my last year of college. You're utterly insane. 

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