Friday, April 17, 2009

block what? block five!

I had an excellent evening yesterday, and it's starting to feel like the end of school is creeping up on me. For all I like to gripe about the amount of work we get in the comm school, I have to say in all honesty and fairness, Rolls-Royce was a very nice corporate sponsor.

They threw blocks 5 and 6 a picnic dinner at Dean Z's pavilion (Dean of Mcintire) -- a full troupe of executives flew down for this, and they gave each one of us a paperweight with the words "ICE 2008-2009" inscribed, and an actual piece of one of their engines inside. They also announced the winners of the Rolls-Royce essay competition (topic this year: what to do about executive compensation in the face of bailouts, or as close as I can remember after spending a mind numbing six hours in the comm school computer lab). Someone from my block won, and someone from block six was runner up. This was only a taste of our victory to come...

To cap off the evening, we had some friendly inter block competition. We had a huge game of tug of war on the Lawn, and my block utterly owned block six! =D We played four times, two times block against block, once against girls, and once against guys. We won all four times, even when the other block had professors on their side! =D In the midst of all the yelling though, we scared off quite a few classes on the Lawn. In fact, one of my sorority sisters ran over to ask me what was going on as her professor led her class back into the classroom. Whenever it's a good day, professors usually bring their classes out to the amphitheater or Lawn and soak up some rays.

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