Wednesday, April 22, 2009

an amazingly fun and productive weekend

I haven't had a weekend like the one that just passed in a loooong while. I got absolute tons of stuff done and still went out to friend's apartments every night. Some magical combination of time of year, my mood, and the moon? Who knows.

Some highlights this past weekend included my sorority's scholarship tea, eboard bonding, and surprisingly, group meeings. We hold an annual scholarship tea in the spring and invite our favorite professors to it. For some reason, quite a few comm school professors showed up and I got to chat with my professors in what I term a more normal environment. It was one of those rare Saturdays that I had time to attend a sorority function, usually I'm whiling away my hours in the comm school. So I definitely enjoyed hanging out with my sisters, and especially sitting on my porch swing, reading a book for leisure (!!).

One thing about the scholarship tea is that it made me very thankful to be in a sorority and not in a fraternity. I'm not sure how fraternity guys do it, throwing parties every weekend that go into the wee hours of the morning. After one and a half hours of almost all my sisters in the house and some professors, I was ready to scream and throw everyone out for some peace and quiet. There was just soooo many people. How do guys do it, having loud music thumping through their house for part of the night and a good part of the morning, lots of random people they don't even know, and guests who trash their house, the damage being evident in the morning? I have no idea. *shrug.

Later that Saturday I went to hang out with the executive board of the peer mentoring group I'm president of at UVa. I had no idea one of my programming chairs was so good at mixing drinks, all the girls enjoyed some fruity concotions that night. I'm not sure why I hadn't thought of doing something like this with my board before, we're all really good friends and that night was just a lot of fun. We're actually having an end of the year banquet in one of the Pavilion gardens this Friday, I'm excited!! =D

And lastly, I really like my group for the second half of this semester and so actually enjoy our meetings. This is what a group's supposed to be like, I come into a meeting with a vague idea of a vague direction I want to go in, and I leave with a cohesive outline and plans for more research. I'm so impressed by the presentations we've come up with, and especially our Powerpoint slides. Oh goodness, I just had a final presentation on Monday and I'm pretty much in love with those slides. If I figure out how, I'll upload our presentation to give you guys an idea of what we do. The topic for our final presentation was the corporate social responsibility efforts of a particular industry. My group picked toys and games -- it was just the most logical and fun industry to pick.

Right now though I'm feeling like it's the calm before the storm. Finals are in two weeks, and I'm attempting to study for them, but just not really feeling motivated enough because they're still a bit off. I'll need to wrangle my mind into study mode this weekend.

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