Tuesday, February 3, 2009

first snow!

Heh, last night was ridiculously fun as I exited my Virginia Women's Chorus practice to see big, fat flakes falling furiously to the ground. First real snow this winter! I was tres, tres excited. I'd say there was a good one inch within two hours. Two of my sorority sisters also yelled commandingly up the stairs that "All house residents are invited to make a snowman with us!"

Being from a place that doesn't see much snow, if any, this was actually the first snowman I'd made! =D My sisters taught me the ropes of compacting a ball and rolling it so it got bigger. My ball broke apart a couple times, oh dear. Somehow, we ended up with three balls that were roughly the same size, so we erected a proudly leaning snowman on our front stoop. 

While we were diligently rolling, yet more of my sisters came out with baking pans (of all things) and slide down our yard. I have to say, my sorority house has a pretty sweet yard, sloped all around flattening out to a big area. We were going to have a snowball fight as well, but there wasn't enough snow left at that point. 

It seemed that I wasn't the only one to get hyper in first snow. Some of my friends put up pictures and vids on Facebook of them doing similar things, except one crazy friend put up a video of him ramming his new made snowman with his car. Aiiite... too much stress already? Silly guy. =P

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