Sunday, February 15, 2009

didja feel the love yesterday?

Whether you're happily in love or celebrate Single Awareness Day, I hope you had an excellent Valentine's Day! I had a fantastic day -- even with my boyfriend up in DC taking his foreign service exam, with one of my sorority sisters.

I have to tell this story of the somewhat dumb thing we did though, we decided to go watch "He's just not that into you" (on Valentine's no less, the irony doesn't escape me) at the Carmike theater on 29. Semi tangent here, how does such a large place (relatively speaking) like Charlottesville only have three movie theaters? This is definitely something I feel the city should remedy, entertainment selection isn't that great here. But back to our quest to the movie theater. Well, we didn't really know where it is (I should pay attention when I go with friends that *do* know where it is..), and so we were driving around, a bit lost on 29. I called one of my friends -- the wrong thing to do with this particular friend because she's not quite the best with directions, at all. She told us to go back four miles, so back we did. We pulled into a parking lot -- the WRONG theater!! Zomg. We were now 5 minutes late for the movie, aiii. So I called another friend, and he told us that Carmike was were we were before! *cue facepalm*

By the time we got there, it was too late to catch the 4:10 pm showing -- that was fine, we just moved dinner up. The line, was insane. I think Caroline premiered yesterday? The line was all the way up to the street! I have to say though, "He's just not that into you" was one of the best chick flicks I've ever seen. I would actually haul my boyfriend to this one, I think he'd enjoy it. Some other guys in the theater didn't though, halfway through the film in my row, there was a huuuuge almighty snore that made everyone in the theater dissolve into giggles.

If you're ever in C'ville and want to grab a bite of Thai food, go where I went with my sister: Limeleaf. It's an excellent place to eat, good value/food for the price, and you *must* order the sticky rice mango, it's my absolute favorite dessert!

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