Monday, June 23, 2008


Oh my goodness students everywhere! I'd gotten used to a relatively empty campus as I led tour groups around, but walking to places today I kept crashing into various orientation groups.

Ahhh orientation, that seems like such a long time ago. I remember my orientation I was on pins and needles, looking around at people that would be my classmates. The days were hot and humid, and there was quite a bit of walking. Other than that, I don't remember much of orientation. Oh yes, lots of painful waiting around to sign up for classes, only to get to that computer room and be told my beautifully planned schedule wasn't going to work out. In case that happens to you, never fear! It really does all work out. The first week or so of classes is the add/drop period, and so many spaces free up in various classes that you usually get in what you want to get in. And even if the class is full, sometimes the professor will good naturedly still add you in. Don't worry!

Other than that, I had the feeling that people always made a ton of friends at orientation, and I was kind of mystified when my Facebook didn't explode right after it. Meh. One of the oddities of life I suppose. For me, orientation still wasn't very characteristic of how college would be. It really took about the first month of college before I suddenly thought, "Ooh, I'm in college now!"

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