Sunday, June 22, 2008

ahhh these lazy summer days...

I think most of the high schools in the States have let out by now, how does summer vacation feel? Summer vacation for UVA students usually vary between two extremes - those who go home and just relax all summer. They might go camping with friends, pick up an instrument, workout in the gym, or just nap by the pool. On the other side of the spectrum are the students that dive into summer with jobs, internships, study abroad, and research. I guess I'd be on the hardcore side of the spectrum -- people like to get involved and stay involved in their respective fields of interests.

On weekends though, I revert to the other side and hang out with friends. Last weekend my friends came to visit me, this weekend I'm visiting some other friends in Northern Virginia. Driving around and meeting people, it's made me realize that quite a number of people graduate and go on to work in Northern Virginia. There's around 10 of my friends in a 40 mile radius - how crazy is that? Most people graduate and are scattered to the four corners of the world. Of course, a lot has to do with the fact that 2/3s of the student body is from Virginia, but it's wonderful to be able to visit friends all the time.

Back to C'ville in the summertime though -- it is kind of dead. all the students are gone, some businesses have shorter hours, and not as many events happen. If you stay here in the summer it's really about who you know and what you do in your spare time.

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