Friday, June 27, 2008

it's friday night! (and the time is right. whoo~~)

I've had that song stuck in my mind all day now, *shakes head ferociously*. What do you do on the weekends? Drop a comment, let me know!

For me personally, after I get off work it's time to do some errands, then go to a friend's birthday party. Then this weekend some more work, hanging out with friends, a bit of late night movie watching and lots of chilling in general.

Now a typical UVA student.. probably going out on Friday, some community service Saturday morning, perhaps a group or club meeting in the afternoon, hanging out with some friends on Saturday night, wake up Sunday morning and realize it's time to do a massive amount of work. This is a huge generalization though, some people go out more often, some people study hardcore all the time, etcetc. The great thing about UVA is that we have 13,000 undergrads and an amazing spectrum of diversity that comes along with that. You'll have people who study all the time, people who party all the time, those who strike a nice balance, extroverts, introverts, etcetc.

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