Wednesday, June 25, 2008

free bodo's on the lawn!

Sweet. One of my favorite things of being here in the summer is that our University Programs Council often have the event, free Bodo's bagels on the lawn! Bodo's is, in my opinion, the best bagel shop ever. Large, warm and soft bagels with everything from cinnamon raisin to sesame to everything, it's cheap and tasty. I didn't have a chance to get them today though, sigh. I had to give a special tour and the UPC folks were cleaning up as I walked by.

There were also a lot of kids running around on the Lawn today, I walked up to a group playing duck duck goose. Nearby elementary schools often bring their classes to the Lawn and just have fun on it. I once brought another group out to a bunch of screaming kids, it was an.. interesting introduction to UVA, hahaha. Every Halloween though, local elementary schools would bring their classes to trick or treat on the Lawn. It's a really cute sight to see all the little kids dressed up, walking up to the Lawn rooms.

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