Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sleeping in class

I realized why I fall asleep in my Intro to Digital Media class: Nau 101 is dimly lit.

Nau is one of the two new buildings of the South Lawn Project. It looks impressive because of the wall-to-wall glass windows and spiraling staircase. It's brand spankin' new. The toilets flush automatically and you feel posh on the leather couches.

However, Nau 101, one of the large 200 seating classrooms is so dimly lit that I fall asleep. This is why I cannot take a film class and why I hated Art History. Professors dim the lights, you sink back into your plushy chair, and then it's over.

I realized I had a problem when I woke up one class day on the shoulder of the nice girl next to me. She didn't wake me up but gently shoved me off once class ended.

Me: zzz...
Her: *shove*
Me: .... uh.. wut? *looks up* ... oh.
Her: *smile*
Me: *run awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay in embarrassment*

Next time I'm going to sit right in the front where staring directly into the green glow of the projector will keep me awake.

UPDATE: 03.24.11 //

I haven't fallen asleep in the past two classes because I sit right in the front. Also, the first two rows are the only ones that are lit from above. Yay for better learning habits!

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