Sunday, December 6, 2009

Two Weeks of Stress

Just to show you that I'm alive...

Unlike the majority of UVa students, I have a test on Monday. Classes officially end Tuesday. I also have a paper due Monday. I have not started the paper. This is why I am not writing entries left and right.

To make this post more useful than my ranting though, I want to point out some awesome studying spots that most people overlook. The typical places, like Club Clemons, reek by the end of finals week. Why? Think about the unwashed masses of bodies who have camped out in Clemons for more than 48 hours. A friend likened it to Dante's Inferno, each with a level of smelliness. (While that is a ridiculous hyperbole, I must concur at some level.)

1. The Rotunda: I've mentioned this before, but the Rotunda is pretty devoid of studying students and instead of tourists. Was this the original purpose of Thomas Jefferson? I believe not. Note the weird hours it is open though.

2. Albert and Small Specials Collections Library: It has some pretty rooms with couches and plants. No one ever ventures in there because it seems off-limits. Lies. 2nd floor is beautiful.

3. Newcomb Hall: Most visited is 2nd floor because that is where the Dining Hall is. Well, obviously don't go there to study. Check out the Student Activities Center (SAC) on the first floor, the quiet places on 4th floor, and all those conference rooms on the 3rd. Third floor also has couches and desks and outlets. Food is accessible downstairs. Bathroom is on every floor. I'm set.

4. Pavilion VIII: Apparently open whenever first floor is not in use. I have not checked this out, but why not pass it along?

5. All those "specialized" libraries: There's a gorgeous Philosophy library in Cocke Hall, Physics Library on 3rd floor, Bio/Psych Library in Gilmer, Chemistry Building, Health Science Library... the list goes on. Who knew each department needed its own library?

6. Corner: Para Coffee is an instant favorite because of its awesome drinks and free wi-fi. Don't be scared to ask for the password. Starbucks is some people's preference, but it tends to get extremely crowded. There's another coffee place on the corner called Fox Park. Bodos gets loud, so it's not conducive to studying but perhaps group meetings.

There are definitely more but I am too frazzled to think of... Oh well. Wish me luck and see you in two weeks!

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