Wednesday, August 26, 2009

it's the last first second day of class...

Here's your resident morose feeling... dare I say it? ...fourth year (ugh, cue shudder of horror). Well, pledge to myself: I won't think about it anymore. I'm going to wring the last of what I can from college!

I'm supremely happy with my classes this semester, the professors all seem nice and the material very interesting. I'm taking three accounting classes (because I'm planning to sit for the CPA) and two management classes. Accounting Information Systems (more concept and computer based than numbers based), Cost Accounting, and Federal Taxation I compose of the accounting classes. Negotiations and Strategic Management Consulting compose of the management classes. I'm really impressed by all my professors, some have an amazing work experience, and others are movers and shakers in their subject fields. I have a big grin on my face just thinking about it. (Okay, I know, I'm a dork).

I.. unfortunately also have homework due tomorrow that I need to go work on. I haven't had a chance to really sit down and read the book until tonight because I've eaten every meal since I got back with a different group of friends, and held around six Honor Loan office hours over two days. So, apologies about my pathetic update, I've got to dash to do work.

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