Tuesday, June 2, 2009

current location regardless, where would i rather be?

Well, not exactly a matter of hating work, or even disliking it, but who doesn't like spending time at home? Food's cooked for you, great furniture and clean surroundings, home is almost like an alien planet sometimes.

I've finally had the privilege to realize what a blessing it is to have family in state this summer. My dad spends some time in Virginia every year, and this year it happened to coincide with summer time. He's helped me move out and in, and I've had the luxury of going home every two weeks thus far. I'll probably consider this pattern all through summer. Gosh, in staters have it nice!

On the other hand, I finally switched from T-Mobile to AT&T last weekend. Love my new phone, love the service. I thoroughly detest T-Mobile right now, absolutely horrid service, especially in C'ville. Then again, most major providers seem to have a difficult time in C'ville. However! I can't stand it that I can't call out, even when I have full bars, or I'll have no bars and will be standing in the middle of the Lawn, furiously shaking my phone because I need to contact someone. My phone being as aesthetically pleasing as a block of turd didn't help things either. (Yeah, you might detect a little bit of bitterness. I've had this phone and service for about 2.5 years now, lots of time for resentment to build up).

Got on my dad's family plan on Saturday, along with a free LG Shine. I'm currently in the rapturous "oh em gee I have a new toy!" phase. I also discovered how to send ringtones and pictures to myself so I don't have to get ripped off buying them through the phone, so now I can't wait for someone to call and text me.

But more on the topic on C'ville and UVA, those of you wondering which provider you should get should probably go for Verizon or AT&T. The majority of my friends have either of the two and they seem to get the best service.

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