Thursday, June 11, 2009

current location: front royal, va

Haha, I feel like the student blog is almost becoming a travel blog this summer. Any of you guys in the area? You should drop by the county building and say hi.

I'm attempting to define the college to workplace transition this summer. After all, that change is only a year (less than, really) away for me. It's definitely a bit scary, taking a step out into the 'real, adult' world and leaving behind classes, parties until 5am, midterms and finals, etc. When you think about it, the only thing we'll have known throughout life by the time we graduate is... school. This transition is one of the biggest life changes we'll go through (the other two I put in the same category is marriage/kids and death). I don't know if I'll transition well, I've only been working for a month. I do know that I like auditing though, I like the variety and travel. But going from filling my days up however I like it.. to having my days mandatorily filled up with work. I... really don't know if I like it. =S

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