Friday, April 10, 2009

to show off some of my geekiness..

A law school friend (in case you were wondering, yes UVa Law) and I were heavily debating some of our favorite shows on Facebook, and here's an epic post that I just fired off. This may make me extremely geeky and give pause to people who have no interest in this show, but hey, I'm proud of my broad interests. Be warned, you'll find people like me at college. =)

I love Star Trek and the Next Generation will forever live on in my heart as the greatest series of all time, but I'm just incredibly disappointed in the trailers for the new movie. I know I know, it's about Kirk and he's got a tooooon of fans, but there's two main issues I have with it. 1) It doesn't feel like Star Trek. It's got all these new flashy visual effects that are really cool, but to me there's a certain time of special effect that are used in all Star Trek films. This new one just seems to be a cheap knock off of Star Wars. What next, they're going to invent lightsabers for the Enterprise?  

And alright. Star Trek. C'mon! Trekking through the stars! I dislike how grounded this one is. I understand, it's his journey starting from Earth and all, but I want to see adventures through space and exploring new worlds! Or maybe I've just been too influenced by the NCC 1701-D's mission. *shrug* And seriously, that scene of him fighting the guy on the bridge? (I see the Asian guy and I go, ohhh Harold and Kumar!) Way too Star Wars... to my memory this has never really been done in Star Trek before. I probably sound like a diehard fan set in my ways, but blah. Poobah, and blah.

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