Sunday, April 5, 2009

a philanthropic weekend

This was a weekend in which it seemed every organization held its annual philanthropy. There was a 5k run on Saturday, the conclusion to Sigma Chi's Derby Days, Beta Theta Pi's tug of war, Phi Sigma Kappa's benefit concert, Relay for Life, and the Multicultural Greek Council cook off. That mean this weekend was absolutely insane, music blasting from every field, people running everywhere. It was also a day with amazing weather, and everyone turned out to catch some rays on various quads and lawns. 

A lot of cultural events also took place this weekend: India Day, Japan Day, and Asian/Pacific Asian Heritage Month opening. Lots of good food, performances, music, and inspirational speakers at all of them. Like me to elaborate on any one of them?

But one of my favorite days was today, good ole Sunday. Usually people try to cram the work that they've been putting off all weekend in, but many people were soaking in the fineee spring weather on the Lawn, listening to a jazz band play. It was Jazz on the Lawn day. This was seriously the perfect day in terms of weather. Warm in the sun, cool breezes in the shade, add a blanket and snacks on the Lawn, some jazz music, and you've pretty much got a perfect day. MmmMM, life is good. =D


Nicole said...

I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy reading your posts. I found your blog through the UVa admissions blog, and it has been helpful in forming my opinion of UVa. I am almost positive that I will be coming to UVa in the fall, so I'm extremely excited!!

Thanks for your interest in helping prospective students!

uvalife said...

Aww yay thanks for your kind comment! I'm so happy that my blog has helped people make a decision. Let me know when you're here and I'll show you around!