Monday, March 16, 2009

wheee my butt's on fire!

As usual, not really. I just have the slight feeling that I'm hurtling through a black hole for this week. I have so much to do and so much due that it's slightly scary. Really scary actually.

Let's see.. take home midterm due, quantitative analysis memo due, lotsa homework due, recruitment for a club I'm president of, and drawing up the budget for my sorority. Eeeeep. This is your typical week after spring break, when everything underneath the sun decides to descend on you and see if they can crush you by sheer amount of work. Picture a chicken with bugged out eyes running around frantically. Meeeee!

I had an absolutely fantastic weekend though, it was Virginia Women's Chorus' tour weekend. This year, we went up to DC and performed in the National Cathedral! I was so excited for it, this is probably the most prestigious place I've ever performed at.

We left Grounds at 10 am on Saturday and got to DC at around noon. Weather all weekend was quite horrid though, overcast, cold, rainy, and gloomy. Following our arrival, I went on a five hour shopping marathon at Pentagon City Mall with lots of my fellow singers. That was definitely my exercise for the week, my thighs hurrrrt. Later that night I went walking on the streets of DC with one of my sorority sisters that also happen to be in the chorus. Of course, night life in a big city is definitely much more different than Charlottesville.

Although there's a lot of stuff going on (and I had the most amazing spinach artichoke dip at a diner on the corner of 18th and U), I have to say I've grown used to the secure atmosphere in C'ville. I pretty much walk down the street without a care, whereas in DC I was definitely hunched over my bag and looking around suspiciously -- probably being wayyyy too paranoid.

We performed at the service on Sunday - and wow. I only want to perform in cathedrals from now on. The vaulted ceilings give us such amazing reverb. After our last song, I swear our voices echoed for a good 10 seconds. A lot of parents came and surreptitiously filed out after our performance (or as subtle as you can be considering the front seven pews were all parents..). The Head Virgil was an absolutely wonderful man, I wish I remembered his name. If I get my hands on a picture, I'll post a picture of us in the National Cathedral.

I seemed to have done lots of extraneous work last week though, sigh. I spent five hours in the lab working on abovementioned memo, only for the professor to tell me that my group was referring to the wrong chapter. I've spent 10 hours on my sorority's budget thus far, and it's still not done. *gaspfaint* I stayed up until 4am on Friday working on random things -- I'm such a nerd, usually people stay up in the wee hours of the morning partying. Hahaha.

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