Monday, March 9, 2009

oh to be back on that ship..

Ah, to be hit with the cold reality of school again. Where was I the past week? Definitely not in C'ville! The last week was UVA's spring break -- or aka our weirdly early spring break. For some reason, ours is a week or two weeks before everyone else. Thus I never have any luck in trying to get my friends from other schools to hang out with me.

However! I did have a great week (of course, it was much too short). Typical UVA spring break activities include going home, going on an alternative spring break trip, going to the beach, going to Mexico or Florida, or going on a cruise. I went on the last this spring break, and was pretty pumped since it was my first cruise. It seems that a lot of UVA folks also went on a cruise this break, but most of them went on a seven day one to the Bahamas. I was on the five day cruise to Mexico. Thankfully I didn't go on the Bahamas one -- we had crazy weather just before the ship left that resulted in 11 inches of snow on Virginia ground. Apparently, that storm followed the Bahamas cruise all the way. 

I like to say that I ate enough on the cruise to sink the ship, and that was probably close to the truth. I went with nine friends and was thoroughly embarrassed at every meal. We'd order four appetizers, two entres, and three desserts at each meal! O_O Oh to be a crazy college student.. hahaha. Pictures are of the ship and other related spring break goodness!

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