Friday, December 19, 2008

revived from the dead!

Aaaaand, I'm back online! Where to begin and tell you what's happened to me in the last two weeks? Let's start with a horror most fresh in my mind, finalssssss! *dundundunnn!*

So, in college, you have finals at the end of every semester. (A very unwelcome shock to me since my high school only had finals at the end of the school year). They're usually three hour written exams, or a research paper. During this time you'll find the libraries absolutely crammed with people, as students try to frantically inhale four months' worth of notes and slides. This usually leads to some pretty bizarre behavior as people try to cope with the stress (as much as 1/2 of your grade for a class could depend on this exam!). There was a Facebook invite to a rave at Clemons (one of our biggest libraries) one night. At a certain time one weekday night, hundreds of students showed up to fourth floor Clemons to dance around. Some arrived with glowsticks, a couple arrived with boomboxes and blasted music. Then there's always free massages (courtesy of the Colonnade club, I think) and late night study hours from some dining halls to look forward to.

There's nothing much to be said about the exams themselves, but I have to mention my final for my comm school classes. Four. day. takehome. Crazy. (Most take home exams are around six hours. Four days is certainly an epic timeframe.) As I also had my accounting final on the first day, I wanted to claw my eyes out somewhere on the second day. What kept me sane? The light at the end of the tunnel, known as winter break. I'm currently overseas, but will try to pop in (I never know when I'll have access to internet) every now and then.

PS. Those of you who haven't downloaded the patch to fix IE's fatal security flaw, please do so ASAP!

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