Monday, October 20, 2008

mmm lots of good food.

Yesterday was the concluding day of my sorority's Parents' Weekend. For Sunday, I planned brunch to take place at my sorority house and a general open house for people to tour through as they wished. What that entailed was getting up at around 8 am to make quiches, mini crab cakes, and bacon wrapped scallops (my personal favorite out of the bunch, get some at the closest Sam's Club). I had the delight of discovering that our oven didn't work, so I commandeered all the microwaves in the house to microwave all food that needed to be cooked. It was quite funny to see people running around with handfuls of quiches. However, 10 minutes before brunch began, the oven decided to work again. Oh electronics.. I had a mini heart attack when Jimmy Johns (my favorite sandwich/sub place) called to say that the sandwiches would be 10 minutes later than planned.

Overall the event went quite well -- and if I have time I'll figure out how to upload a few pictures for the blog. After a quick clean up, I ran off to a group meeting. I mentioned before that my Commerce block is sponsored by Rolls Royce. First semester third year, groups have to work on one massive year end project for their sponsors. Our project this year is to present recommendations for investing in two different types of engines. At the end of the semester, Rolls Royce executives will actually come to school and listen to our presentations. In previous years, they've sent really senior executives. Imagine arguing the finer points of the financial statements with the CFO of a company. Eep! Haha.

And of course, go Hoos for the weekend win! Unfortunately I was busy setting up for another weekend event and didn't catch the end of the game. I would have loved to rush the field. =D

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