Friday, August 1, 2008

off the courts...

Our Snyder tennis courts have just been closed off for re- erm.. flooring? I forget the actual term, but it's when they replace the clay for all the courts. We do that every summer. Unfortunately, that also means it's the end of tennis playing for the summer. The whole process generally takes about 20 days, by when school will be close to starting again (eek!! School's starting. Oh my. Time goes by much too fast.) During the summertime there's a lot of midnight tennis going on. I usually hit the courts with my boyfriend around 9 pm - 10 pm, and the courts are usually full already. They turn off the lights at around midnight to 1 am, it really depends on the day. I remember during last school year I would often come out with suitemates late at night and play some tennis. It became something of a minor tradition, ah, good ole college days. =D

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