Monday, July 7, 2008

two months of tours!

This week marks the beginning of the third month that I'm giving tours. Wow. Time does pass by when you're having fun. On my tour today I realized I had it down to an art. I know what stock phrases to say so that I don't come off as a blathering idiot when my mind freezes, I know where to go if an orientation group's in the way. It's almost second nature. This was when I took a step back and thought. Wow. Second nature. College is second nature to me now. It's perfectly normal if I have class at 8 am but don't come home until midnight due to other committments. I'm used to running to the bank, Corner, and route 29 for errands. I'm in control of my own life, and am going where I want to go. I'm truly happy here.

It's crazy to think that a two short years ago I was still a highschooler, living with my parents and having curfew, dinner time, bed time, and homework time. My parents were extremely conservative, traditional people so school parties were about the only time I could go out. Of course, a lot of you reading this probably have a lot more freedom than I do. It's just amazing to think about how much I've changed.

Call a leasing office to ask about apartment rentals? Yep no problem. Chatting to employers at career fairs? Sure, where's a copy of my resume? Cooking dinner for myself? Alright, Indian or Korean style? Going to work and interacting with people much older than me? Sure thing.

Are you guys psyched about college and possibly coming to UVA? Savor it, it really is the best four years of your life.

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