Thursday, July 10, 2008

so.. regarding phone calls

Since I've worked a couple days now in the front desk answering phone calls, I'd like to make a general plea for people calling the office.

1) Most of what you'd like to know is available online, make sure you've checked the website before you call!
2) We cannot release decisions over the phone, so please don't ask. Nope, asking me five times in a different format won't work either.
3) No life stories please. I've gotten quite a few calls in which people start pouring their lives down my ears and I see the 'Call Waiting' button flashing. Not a good situation to be in.
4) No preaching please. The person who did this to me should be glad we were of the same faith, otherwise I would have been horribly offended.
5) Make sure you're calling the right office! No we are not the medical school... or the Semester at Sea office.. true stories, all of them.
6) If you'd like someone's undivided attention, it's best to email them. Our deans are often busy with meetings and appointments, so even if you did get through to them they might be somewhat preoccupied. Email definitely is the way to go.

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