Thursday, July 17, 2008

ahh moving in..

So other than the thought of summer being half over depressing me.. I've seen some fliers around and about for Greeters, and that just naturally leads me to thinking about move in day.

So first off, you may wonder just what the heck you need to bring to college. Anything you think you want, really, but don't bring all or even half the contents of your room. What I found necessary first year was a couple fans, my laptop + printer, clothes, towels + toiletries, flip flops for shower, shoes, bedsheets + pillowcases, desk lamp, laundry hamper, pictures + momentoes of home, and some type of small filing rack for all the papers for different classes. Of course, what you bring depends on you, but try to bring something that's YOU and can be a conversation starter if people walk by or drop into your room. You'll get to meet a lot of people this way.

Secondly, you may also wonder how you're going to lug your new mini fridge up three flights of stairs. That's where the Greeters come in. On move in day, you'll see students dressed in orange shirts with a nametag on the front that says "Hello, my name is [blank]". Grab one of them and they'll happily point you to the right building or lug up your suitcases. I was a Greeter the move in day of my second year -- a lot of people do it because you get to move in a day early and beat all the move in traffic and general noise and congestion. When it was time to do my Greeter duty though, I almost wish I hadn't signed up. Ladies and gents, that day is HOT. Come in tanks and shorts, you can change into more presentable stuff later if you want. I would say come in as little clothing as possible but not being obscene. In between trips to the car, the sun beating down on you, going up 10 thousand flights of stairs into unair-conditioned areas.. you'll want to die. =P


Lauren said...

What are the popular bags girls carry to classes at uva (I am not sure if you are a female? if you are a guy you probably don't know). I know vera bradely and vineyards vines are popular but they have been popular for so long that I am thinking they are kinda out of style. Any other more recent trends? Also what are the popular purse brands and clothing stores? Do most girls where skirts or jeans throughout the school year? I am not from the south and not familiar with southern style trends. Sorry for all the questions!

Lauren said...

sorry but my last question is are you in a sorority?

uvalife said...

Thanks for commenting! That's a yes to your last question, yes to Vera Bradely and Vineyard Vines being popular (and still very much are). People like to carry large shoulder bags or totes to classes, and quite a few still subscribe to backpacks. Skirts, jeans and shorts are all very prevalent. Wear whatever you want, we have quite a diverse student body in terms of dress. We're not an entirely Southern school, we have a lot of northern Virginia students and they like to argue they're not Southern at all. I'll definitely be talking about dress in a later post!